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Do it can make the difference between a domain name and a URL, with as little possible jargon explain me clearly someone? The answers I've found with Google, the author uses different words for each one of them is described, but still a little it seems speech; that, or the terms on the head are used. Thanks a lot. The domain name is the part of them that they bought in a Registrar like GoDaddy. The URL means uniform resource locator and tells your browser to a specific page or image or PDf or whatever that it lives on the Internet. As a GPS numbers or words as the street where you live, or a combination of these things as your specific house number can the URL on your street. To create your web site online, then the domain name which has GoDaddy or Namecheap or where ever be then a URL address, so people can visit your Web site. URL and domain name overlap, but are two different. You can compare a Web site in a State. The name of the State is the name of the domain. The domain name is the name that everything that this site represents represents. So it is a domain name for the recognition. URL is the map/address of everyone on the site. Each State is composed of the cities. If you want to find these cities, use the URL. A URL or a universal resource locator is your domain names of Internet address that is the same that your domain name is your Internet address. the Golden City is no longer the Golden City. They have sold their columns of bronze and its temple for money, have made their optinskin forum Zlatna Vrata coins. It has become a dark city filled with anger, in the streets, there is no lightness, beauty has left and old songs are gone. -Lord Dunsany, the Messenger. .